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    The property sector is vast and has a unique mix of complex challenges and risks to success.
    Cape helps investors, developers, owners and managers find the opportunity in these challenges with solutions that help manage, mitigate or transfer risks, and optimise profitability.


    why cape insurance?

    Being a specialist risk and insurance advisor we understand how your sector creates and delivers value, and the risks which can destroy it. We have the expertise and experience to ensure your project, property or portfolio is protected should the worst happen.

    Expertise – Cape is advice-led, working with you to define your risk profile and then work with you to create the optimal solution.

    Simplicity – Cape will slot seamlessly into your professional advisory team working alongside to ensure every project, transaction or deal progresses smoothly and profitably.

    Relationship – Cape is a relationship business, focused on building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, partners and insurers.


    we are experts in what we do

    Our depth of understanding and insight into how organisations in the property sector create and grow value enables us to provide innovative solutions in the specialist areas outlined below:

    • Residential/Commercial/Industrial Property
    • Construction – One-off projects or annual programmes
    • Latent Defects/Warranties
    • Legal Indemnities
    • Environmental liabilities
    • Specialist Transaction Covers

    We are a trusted source

    As part of the ARMCo group, we have access to an array of trusted partners. This enables us to provide a full service for our clients under one roof alongside other, established businesses.

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    Insure Your Career to Assure Your Future

    Posted March 16, 2022

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    Cape identifies perfect insurer for client’s flood zone premises in 72 hours! Insurance

    Cape identifies perfect insurer for client’s flood zone premises in 72 hours!

    Posted November 30, 2021

    Recently, the Cape Insurance team identified the perfect insurer to accommodate their client’s partially vacant offices and retail units in a high-risk flood zone within 72 hours! With their client facing unforeseen costs at a critical point in their refinancing, Cape negotiated directly on their client’s behalf to accommodate challenging and varied insurance criteria.

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    What insurance do property developers need?

    Posted August 2, 2021

    Property development project insurance can give you peace of mind by unlocking value at every stage of a project, helping to provide certainty and financial security for those involved. With this in mind, there are multiple forms of insurance that property developers should consider, with an array of benefits to discover.

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